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Buteyko Breathing Sunshine Coast.

Why do a Buteyko Course?

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Why do a Buteyko Course?
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Do you suffer from:

Asthma,  Bronchitis,  Allergies,  Emphysema,  Anxiety,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ,  Sleep Apnoea ,  Dizziness,  Poor concentration,  Shortness of breath,  Palpitations ,  Skipped heart beats,   Muscular Spasms?

You can alleviate all the above symptoms by using The Buteyko Breathing Techniques to gently reduce hyperventilation. Hyperventilation simply means that you are in the habit of breathing more than the physiological norm.

The Buteyko Method was developed by Russian medical scientist Konstantin Buteyko in the 1950s.

The method helps individuals learn how to recognise overbreathing and teaches them techniques to help recondition there breathing to encourage good health.


The most important things to know with regard to asthma:-

1. Asthma is unnecessary - once you are taught to work with your symptoms rather than against them you get positive results.

2. Asthma is exaccerbated by incorrect use and lack of proper understanding of current recommended medications.

3. A correctly taught Buteyko program is gentle and effective. Students are pleased to feel their symptoms reducing.


Children love to learn by having fun and playing games.To re-establish healthy breathing habits takes practise. 
Breathing games that children enjoy are an easy way to achieve this. 
Buteyko teaches that breathing through the nose is essential for good health.
Lots of games include activities with the lips gently & "smilingly sealed" together.